yulong jin 金与珑

born. 1995 Taiyuan, China

based in The Hague, The Netherlands



Education  教育


BA Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Art The Hague, The Netherlands

​       本科纯艺术,海牙皇家艺术学院,荷兰

group exhibitions  群展

2019  Graduation Festival, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


2018  Mia, LOCATIE Z, The Hague


           A Foreign Affair-- Fine arts pre-exam exhibition,Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3 The Hague


2017  Genderosity, TENT Rotterdam, Rotterdam


2016  It is sort of a thing, Gallery of Royal Academy, The Hague


Grand revealing of Chinese name of Royal Academy of Art

2018, performance in the entrance of the academy, The Hague

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