in my mind

    My art is extension of myself.

    I make performance, installations, videos and whatever I feel like to.

    Spaces and architectures are the key words. Most times my work is inspired by my ideas of spaces. This is the principle, then I choose the media. Media is the boat between you and me.

    I want to find a common way to understand spaces, whatever public or private or simi public simi private, I want to know what is behind our daily routine, the undiscovered beauty of the usual space for most of us.

    I prefer to make first hand works, which means the total site-specificness of the work, I want to create environments and atmospheres , and let audience immerse in it. 

    Most of time I do not work with themes, because every space is special, I want my themes somehow relative to the history and decoration which are unique each time.  

    You are part of my work, I am the start of the story, you are the transformation of the work. I want to give you a perspective to see the world, my vision, and let them go to your mind, and you add something on it.

    We are the world, and art is everything.

    I see a day when I will leave, but I am enjoy what I am doing now.











I never make heart-breaking works

2017, paint on wall, Taiyuan, China

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